VIP Handyman

”Vadim is excellent! He worked on electrical, plumbing and cabinetry projects for my husband and me. He designed and built a large wall of storage cabinetry in the garage and completed a bathroom with beautiful cabinetry, sinks and faucets. He mounted numerous light fixtures, installed a new door with molding to match, and he designed and built a gorgeous Craftsman headboard that matches the style of our home.  His work is precise and immaculate. He is very professional: prompt, courteous and creative, traits rarely found in contractors today! He is skilled in all areas of home improvement and construction, and he is extremely reasonably priced. I cannot recommend Vadim highly enough.” — Carol, Colfax
“I have used Vadim for both large and small projects in and around my home for a few years.  I have found him to be very professional and knowledgeable, but most important he offers suggestions that work better than I imagined and gets the job done in record time and reasonably priced.  He seems to know how to do everything I have ever asked of him and not only have I been more than pleased with his workmanship and his kind personality, but he is very careful, precise, and clean in his work.  I would recommend him very highly.  This handyman stands out among the rest.” — Judy, Folsom
“As possibly the world’s fussiest homeowner, I can honestly say working with Vadim exceeded all of my expectations. He’s creative, considerate, and his work ethic is beyond compare. He’s also incredibly careful and clean, leaving things in at least as good as condition as he found them. If he can meet my standards of craftsmanship and customer service, I’m sure he’ll make other customers just as happy He’s just wonderful — I feel fortunate to have found him!” — Patti, Folsom
”Vadim is simply the best carpenter and all-around handyman I've ever had the pleasure to know.  He's an outstanding craftsman — a finish carpenter/cabinetmaker by trade who brings an artist's sensibility to the smallest and largest jobs.  He's careful, professional, and FAST!  He knocked out an incredible porch remodel for us in about a day and a half.   His prices are very reasonable, especially considering the incredible quality of work.  I can't recommend Vadim enough." — Jen, Folsom
"I will definitely be using him again. The other commenters basically have it on point: he is professional, definitely knows his trade, on time, quick, and responsive. I’ve had my fair share of bad experiences with handyman services — Vadim is the only one my husband and I will use in the future!! Definitely recommend!" — Rowe, West Sacramento
"I would recommend VIP Handyman any day to anyone.  Vadim was very professional, prompt, and did an amazing job.  He installed my brand new microwave with great care and attention — and a lot cheaper than the competition.  I ended up tipping him for his great work." — Jamal, Rocklin